Picky Bars

Picky Bars

Nutrition bar company started by three endurance athletes.


Grew Sales from Infancy to $500K Annually


All Design Work + Brand Voice



Production + Sourcing

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"It's Freaking Science, Dude."

This tagline was proposed on an initial web design, and we thought it was funny enough to try on our packaging. The continued endearment from our customers solidified it as our primary tagline for the brand.

The home grown nature of the business and the founder's quirky personalities inspired a fun, energetic, and casual (somewhat intentionally naive) visual identity and brand voice. During my two years as their marketing director, I developed and implemented marketing programs and oversaw all online, packaging, retail branding, and design. Sales grew from infancy to over $500k annually and national distribution in REI. I wore a lot of hats and learned many lessons as an integral part of a high functioning team.

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When we finally transitioned from making and packaging our bars in the founders' home kitchen to a co-packer, we made these special edition sweatshirts as a parting gift to our original Picky Bar makers.

 Loren is a fantastically creative talent, very hard worker, awesome communicator, self-motivated, with no ego. He would be a phenomenal addition to any creative team and will make the team stronger by talent and communication style. I can give him a direction and he runs with it, comes back with some fantastic ideas, takes feedback graciously, and brings me back something better than I originally hoped for.

— Jesse Thomas | Co-Founder & CEO Picky Bars

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