Aquamira Technologies, Inc.

International water filtration and purification company.


While not originally part of my assignment, I was able to make a few updates to the parent mark that were subtle enough to get an easy approval from the client. While barely changing the wordmark, I was able to balance and distill the mark by removing the over-literal gradient water drop and shortening the tail of the "q." I eventually created an accompanying wave shape and color pallet as a versatile and recognizable element to tie the brands together.

Art Director

1 Year


Identity System

Polishing / Redesign + Visual System for Disjointed Parent and Sub Brands

Packaging + Collateral


The parent and sub-brands needed to have a flexible but recognizable system that could adjust depending on the specific sub-to-parent hierarchy of each product line. Frontier breaks the system slightly because of it's already established brand equity and outdoor recreation / survivalist audience.

This multi-brand company was faced with a disorganized and unclear brand hierarchy. Over the course of 15 months, we introduced two new sub-brands and created a unifying visual system that could retain recognition and adapt to different audiences and brand hierarchies within each product line.


This product line focuses on home water preparedness and relies on the strength of the mark and brand color to communicate that. Limiting technical information and uncluttered in-use photos created the simplicity and security our audience was looking for.


As we developed the packaging, we needed to create a simpler filtration grading system that would be easy to understand and quickly show why one grade was more expensive than another. While the grades were currently "good, better, best," we couldn't get pigeon-holed into a sequential relationship that would complicate introducing new grades in the future. We found a balance with three-letter color acronyms and small descriptions for protection level and water source information.

Frontier Product Line

I've enjoyed working with Loren on a range of creative projects and trust his ability to execute on logo and brand identity, signage, trade show, direct mail, and web design projects. I've hired him to help advance the brand strategy for clients in the fitness, travel, and outdoor manufacturing verticals and trust him to bring forward ideas and solutions that contribute to a cohesive brand system. You could use him for a one-off project but why not make a greater investment and achieve a greater vision by hiring him to shape a bigger brand design story? I've worked side-by-side with Loren in an office setting and remotely and achieved the same quality result. My top reasons for hiring Loren: Strategic vision, willing attitude, ability to use feedback to improve design, and genuinely enjoyable person to collaborate with. 

— Sherisa Aguirre, VP of Marketing


This was one of the initial concepts for a more technical customer base before WaterBasics was incorporated as a sub-brand and shifted the overall audience and brand towards a friendlier and simpler parent identity.