I'm a graphic designer specializing in visual identity development (brands).

Aside from my BFA and eight years in the field, I have cross-discipline experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, and web development.

I'm currently freelancing, but I thrive collaborating on teams and working with agencies on large and inspiring projects. Shoot me an email if you'd like to work together or just want to say hi! 

BFA Graphic Design

I attended California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, CA from 2004–2009. I started as a philosophy major and transferred to graphic design. I love both.

8 Years Experience

I started working at a few boutique design agencies and taking on freelance projects while still in school. After graduating, I transitioned into primarily freelance and have worked remotely while living in Oregon, California, New Zealand and New York.

Marketing Director

I spent two years as a marketing director for a start up company where I oversaw a 5000% increase in sales ($1000–50,000+). I wore a lot of hats and learned many lessons—especially from the two MBA grads I ran the company with.

New York, NY

I currently live in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan but often travel back to the west coast to visit family, friends, and clients.



I have built and designed 40+ websites on my own and in conjunction with specialized developers. While HTML and CSS are my most comfortable languages, I understand the principles of more complex coding which helps me design effectively for the programers building the site.


Here's is my resumé and a few samples of my work.